Spotify for Podcasters

Powerful tools for podcast creators.

Introduction video for Spotify for Podcasters. 

My roles for Spotify for Podcasters

Team lead
Principal product designer


The team was set to build up a foundational product for podcast creators on Spotify.

As a team lead, I ensured our users needs aligned with our business needs. Setting the goals and mission of our team. Along with the product lead, I set the roadmap of how the product can evolve from early beta releases to the final product, while gathering feedback from our users to ensure usability.

As a principal product designer, I implemented the designs of the product. Working collaboratively with other designers at Spotify, to ensure the final product feels unified.


Provide essential tools and insights for podcast creators to grow and connect with their audience and give them the opportunity to make a living from their work on Spotify.


Podcast audience view

One of the goals of Spotify for Podcasters was to introduce robust analytics to podcast creators in ways that was easy to understand and displayed the potential of a global streaming service.

Success cards

We created insightful cards presented on the dashboard to help podcast creators understand their successes on Spotify.


Podcast submission screen

Using delightful designs and natural content writing, we ensured that creators felt special throughout their interaction with Spotify for Podcasters.


Podcast trailers

Creators had access to powerful discovery and creation tools for the Spotify audience. Creators can set any snippet from their podcast as a trailer using Spotify for Podcasters.



Worked with illustrator Jarom Vogel to present the values of Spotify for Podcasters to creators.

Tutorial video for Spotify for Podcasters — I was involved in writing the script and provided the voice over for getting people introduced to their podcast's data.


Thanks for taking a look at my work for Spotify for Podcasters (aka S4P). I adored everything about this product. From its mission, to the team, and to what it enabled for podcast creators. Check out the link below to the live product (especially if you're a podcast creator).


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